Nana Veljovic -Artist painter

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As most of my previous work, my  paintings are in many ways a spiritual diary, documenting inner conflict and ambivalence toward the human condition. The need to dream to lose oneself to find other territories is the basis of artistic experience, yet we are unable to create works that are totally free of our physical condition.

I consequently communicate and express my thoughts and emotions abstractly in my paintings. The geometric shapes that I am using refers to the columns, enteries, temples and  many other architectural elements in it. They are more metaphor for the state of mind or spirit than study of the real structure.

Vibration within the textural surface is achieved through the layering of transparent colour and the simultaneously change of light and dark, creating a dynamic space in the paintings. The spatial illusion probably result from real structures of architecture and suggestive space as painting: the combining as those two.

My paintings are born of a great need that is a basic sense of survival, the need to find a certain hope in the human condition, a reaction to loss and the wasetefulness that surround us in the contemporary world.

These paintings are in themselves phisical beings, etched and scratched into existence through painstaking effort as each coat of paint is applied and removed to be again covered and uncovered building a structure reminiscent of past and present experience. The play of memory; places seen and known, and physical presence ; the paintings as a physical reality - brings forth a certain musicality hidden deep within each composition and interplay of color relationship.

The surfaces contain the vision of exterior and interior realms that dominate my paintings. It is a personification for separateness in the physical and spiritual worlds, dreams and reality, manifestation of necessity to find balance between them. They adress spaces that could offer an escape from reality. However to the contray both artist and spectator are invited to contemplate the possibility of transcending time and space, of embracing both worlds.

Nana Veljovic